On the UPGRADE screen, you'll be able to spend the Anima Gems you find in the Soulplane, as well as Hope Points, on upgrading Kuon's abilities.


Example Upgrades

  • Nine Lives 1

    Nine Lives 1

  • Winged Misfortune

    Winged Misfortune

  • Stepping Stone of Hope - Soulbeasts

    Stepping Stone of Hope - Soulbeasts

Soulbeast Gems

With the Soulbeast Gems you can earn by defeating Soulbeasts, you can unlock powerful Soulbeast Gem Abilities.

Every ability you unlock with Anima Gems and Soulbeast Gems will increase Kuon's potential for survival in the deadly Soulplane.

  • switch
  • PS4,PS5
  • Xbox One,Xbox Series X|S
  • Steam

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